Products which will control:  Plant Pathogen Sanitation
Product Name EPA Reg. No. SLN Registration Status
Adams-Burch Germicidal Ultra Bleach 70271-13-15740   Approved
Afflink Member Brands Affex Cleaning Solutions Germicidal Bleach 70271-13-88891   Approved
America's Choice Regular Scent Bleach 70271-13-86018   Approved
Applied Biochemists Chlorinating Capsules 1258-808-8959   Approved
Aquacide 150 550-198-52823   Approved
Aquamate Liquid Shock (abn) 45458-20003   Approved
Austin A-1 Ultra Disinfecting Bleach 1672-65   Approved
Avance Chlorine Sanitizer 1672-65-84423   Approved
Avance Sani Quat 10324-63-84423   Approved
Axis Ultra Bleach 70271-13-74249   Approved
Bactron K-170 65402-9-8133   Approved
Barbicide Plus 211-36-954   Approved
Belvedere Fresh 10324-63-8370   Approved
Bio Rite #53 550-198-6186   Approved
Biosonic Germicidal Ultrasonic Cleaner Concentrate 211-36-61584   Approved
Bleach Regular 70271-13   Approved
Bleach Regular UP & UP 70271-13-13344   Approved
CCH 3" Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets 1258-1233   Approved
CCH Chlorinating Tablets 1258-1233   Approved
Chemchlor 550-198-748   Approved
Chemchlor 550-198-56601   Approved
ChemTreat CP5200 10324-63-15300   Approved
Clor Mor Septic Tabs Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets 69681-14   Approved
Clorox Regular Bleach 5813-50   Approved
Decon -Quat 100 10324-63-68959   Approved
Decon-phene 211-36-68959   Approved
DG Home Bleach 70271-13-63546   Approved
Dical-2 10324-63-4482   Approved
Dicasan PAA 63838-1-3635   Approved
Dish San Sanitizer 10324-63-69268   Approved
Dry Tec Extra Shock 1258-1239   Approved
EC6725A 65402-9-68708   Approved
Everyday Living Bleach Regular 70271-13-8601   Approved
Family Dollar Bleach 70271-13-40020   Approved
Food Club Supreme Clean Bleach 1672-65-6165   Approved
Food Service Sanitize Victoria Bay 10324-63-68168   Approved
Frosty Acres Restaurant's Pride Advantage Germicidal Ultra Bleach 70271-13-55020   Approved
GCS-3000 42052-20001   Approved
Germicidal Bleach 70271-13   Approved
Gil Chlor 12.5 II 550-198-35156   Approved
GLB Supersonic 1258-1239-7364   Approved
Great Value Bleach 70271-13-41348   Approved
Hi-Lex Bleach Regular Scent 70271-13   Approved
Hil-phene 211-36-1658   Approved
Home 360 Ultra Bleach Regular 70271-13-85601   Approved
Home Sense Bleach 70271-13-65948   Approved
Homelife Bleach Regular Scent 70271-13-17269   Approved
HTH Liquid Chlorinator 1258-1094   Approved
In The Swim Calcium Hypochlorite 1258-913-51432   Approved
In The Swim Pool Shock 1258-913-51432   Approved
In The Swim Super Pool Shock 1258-1239-51432   Approved
Induclor 70 (abn) 748-296   Approved
Induclor Tablets 748-138   Approved
KEM-TEK Pool & Spa Care Spa Liquid Shock 70271-3-7616   Approved
KR-150L 550-198-66126   Approved
Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies Power Powder Pro 748-296   Approved
Liquichlor 12.5% Solution 550-198   Approved
Liquichlor 5.25% Solution 550-199   Approved
Liquichlor 9.2% 550-20003   Approved
Lo Temp Sanitizer 33981-20002-72802   Approved
Maintain Pool Pro Liquid Shock 45458-20003   Approved
Maxim Food Service Sanitizer Disinfectant & Sanitizer DS494 10324-63-45745   Approved
MB-38 550-198-71898   Approved
M-C 10 Sanitizer 10324-63-5449   Approved
MCB-8501 65402-9-71173   Approved
Mega Shock - Rx Clear 1258-1239-5803   Approved
Meijer Regular Scent Jump Bleach 70271-13-11700   Approved
Multi-Q Sanitizer 10324-63-4313   Approved
Namico 723 Namicide A Disinfectant-Sanitizer, Fungicide-Virucide-Deodorizer 10324-63-2021   Approved
Natchlor 550-198-12487   Approved
Omega Pool & Spa Chemicals Super Shock 42052-20001   Approved
Original Strength Cleaning Bleach 70271-13-63546   Approved
Our Family Ultra Bleach Regular Scent 70271-13-64924   Approved
PAA Sanitizer FP 54289-3-5741   Approved
Peroxysan-rs 63838-1-1072   Approved
Pool Breeze Pool Care System Chlorinating Caplets 1258-808   Approved
Pool Breeze Pool Care System Granular 68 1258-1069   Approved
Pool Breeze Pool Care System Power 73 Shock Treatment 1258-1239   Approved
Pool Breeze Pool Care System Shock Treatment and Superchlorinator 1258-782   Approved
Pool Brite Sanitizer 75373-20001-36187   Approved
Pool Brite Sanitizer 75373-20001-83916   Approved
Poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection Active Cleaning Caplets Chlorinator 1258-808   Approved
Poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection Active Cleaning Granules Chlorinator 1258-1069   Approved
Poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection Autofeed A300 Tablets Chlorinator 1258-1233   Approved
Poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection Rapid Shock Shock Treatment 1258-913   Approved
Prescription Treatment Brand Ultra-Shield 70060-29-499   Approved
ProPower Germicidal Ultra Bleach 70271-13-75686   Approved
Pure Bright Disinfectant Bleach 70271-3   Approved
Pure Bright Germicidal Ultra Bleach 70271-13   Approved
Pure Power Regular Bleach 70271-13   Approved
Quantum Q-shock II 1258-1239-58307   Approved
Quat-clean 1839-81-45133   Approved
Re*fresh + 1258-1239-42177   Approved
Red Max Germicidal Bleach (abn) 70271-13   Approved
Reliance Germicidal Bleach 70271-13-29055   Approved
Robarb Pool Specialties Power Blast II 1258-1239-42291   Approved
S Spring Grove Food Sanitizer 10324-63-82105   Approved
Sanitizer E. S. 7546-3-45133   Approved
Sanitizer E.S. 7546-3   Approved
Shock Chlorinating Liquid for Pools & Spas 70271-10   Approved
SHS-900 3635-20003   Approved
Shurfine Regular Scent Bleach 70271-13-48707   Approved
Shurfire Bleach 1672-65-6165   Approved
Smart Sense Regular Bleach 70271-13-24908   Approved
Sodium Hypochlorite-12.5 Bacticide 72315-6   Approved
Sodium Hypoclorite-10 72315-14   Approved
Sparchlor 5741-20001   Approved
Spur-Tex 813m Dual-Quat Sanitizer 10324-63-5768   Approved
StorOx 2.0 70299-7   Approved
Super Shock Plus 1258-1239-56890   Approved
Super Shockwave Shock Treatment 1258-1239-42177   Approved
Sysco Classic Germicidal Ultra Bleach 70271-13-29055   Approved
Sysco Reliance Bleach 70271-3-29055   Approved
Team O.D. Super Shock 42052-20001   Approved
Top Job Bleach 70271-13   Approved
Tough Guy Food Service 3rd Sink Santizer 10324-63-10637   Approved
Ultima TKO 1258-1239-74849   Approved
Ultra Clorox Bleach 5813-50   Approved
Ultra Clorox Regular Bleach 5813-50   Approved
Ultra Tandil Bleach 1672-65-73664   Approved
Ultra Tandil Liquid Bleach 70271-13-73664   Approved
Ultronics 10 Min. Instrument Disinfectant 211-36-63562   Approved
Victoria Bay Germicidal Ultra Bleach 70271-13-82294   Approved
Vigorox 15/10 Antimicrobial Agent 65402-9   Approved
Virgorox Oil & Gas (ABN) 65402-9   Approved
Wegmans Disinfectant Bleach Regular Scent 70271-13-53570   Approved
Zappit 73 Calcium Hypochlorite Granules 748-296   Approved
Zep Peroxy-Serve 5 63838-1-1270   Approved


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