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List of All State Restricted Use Products (RUP) for UNIVERSAL CROP PROTECTION ALLIANCE LLC    [ 72693 ]
State RUP Product Name EPA Reg. No. Expiration Date Registration Status
ATRAZINE 4L HERBICIDE 100-497-72693 12/31/2014 Approved
ATRAZINE 4L HERBICIDE 1386-647-72693 12/31/2014 Approved
ATRAZINE 90 DF 9779-253-72693 12/31/2012 Not Approved
ATRAZINE 90 DF HERBICIDE 100-585-72693 12/31/2014 Approved
ATRAZINE 90 HERBICIDE 1386-660-72693 12/31/2014 Approved
BIFENTHRIN EC 1381-196-72693 12/31/2012 Not Approved
CYPERMETHRIN 2.5 EC INSECTICIDE 53883-137-72693 12/31/2012 Not Approved
PERMETHRIN 3.2 EC INSECTICIDE 53883-138-72693 12/31/2012 Not Approved


Total Number of RUP Products: 1594

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Database Last Updated: 11/19/2014

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