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Q:  How does Erenewals work?
A:  Erenewals is a service provided by Kelly Registration Systems.  It is an electronic method available for registrants to process their registration / license renewals quickly via the internet.  Fees and the registration data are submitted from the registrant to Kelly Registration Systems.  Kelly Registration Systems submits your data and funds to the state, who in turn imports the data directly into their database, reducing the time required for manual data entry, and the errors that can result from manual data entry.

Q:  Why should I use Erenewals?
A:  Erenewals allows the user to work with data supplied directly from the state.  As products are renewed, the data is sent back to the state, and imported directly into their database.  This process requires no data entry by state personnel, and therefore reduces the risk of human error.  Furthermore, the process is faster and more efficient than the conventional paper renewal method, as multiple states may be processed in one step.  

Q:  Is Erenewals really any faster to use than processing my renewals by hand?
A:  Erenewals allows the registrant to speed up the renewal process via an electronic, user friendly renewal submission process.    Although renewal funds may be paid by a check through Erenewals, debit or credit card transactions truly are what speed up the process.  By utilizing the ability to pay fees by debit or credit card, the user bypasses the time consuming process of obtaining a check within the company.  In addition, debit or credit card transactions are processed quickly, as there is no 'waiting time' for funds to clear before renewals can be processed at Kelly Registrations, as well as at the state.  

Q:  How does Erenewals work?  
A:  Kelly Registration Systems and each participating state  have worked together to determine a format that data can be uploaded directly into the state's database.  Kelly Registration Systems takes the data obtained through Erenewals, and compiles it into a format that is sent to the state and uploaded into the state database when the state desires  Kelly transfers funds for the renewals that have been processed through Erenewals, and forwards it to the state as well via check or wire transfer.  

Q:  Will I receive my approval notice from the state faster if I use Erenewals than if I send my renewals in by the paper method?
A: All the state has to do is import the data and print out the certificate.  Your renewal certificate should be generated quicker via Erenewals than if you submit your renewals via the paper method.  As stated above, your transaction may be paid by a check, but it will be processed even quicker if payment is made via a debit or credit card.

Q:  Must Erenewals be used during certain times or days?
A:  No.  Erenewals, being a web-based program, can be accessed at any hour, and any day of the week.

Q:  How difficult is the process to use Erenewals?
A:  The process is quite simple.  Anyone that can use a mouse can navigate easily through Erenewals.

Q:  Do I need a specific browser to use Erenewals?
A:  No.  ERenewals is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) and Netscape 4 (or higher)

Q:  How much does it cost to renew licenses electronically?
A:  The cost is very straightforward.  The user will incur a convenience fee for each license renewed electronically, based on a percentage of the renewal fee.  This fee is applied towards the operation and maintenance of

Security Issues
Q:  Does everyone have access to my data?
A:  No.  Each applicator licensed in the state is given a username and password that is unique.  Each applicator only has access to their own license data.

Q:  I lost my password.  What can I do to get it back?
A:  Contact Kelly Registration Systems by emailing us at  Further instruction will be provided upon receipt of your request. 

Q:  How can I be sure that my debit or credit card information is transmitted securely?
A:  Kelly Registration Systems uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) through Verisign for debit and credit card transactions, to ensure that all information is transmitted over the internet securely. 

Privacy Policy
Q: Will Kelly Registration Systems sell my information (such as email address) to anyone?
A:  No.  All data will be kept strictly between Kelly Registration Systems and the state.  

Q:  What methods of payment can I use for Erenewals?
A:  Payment may be made in one of two different ways.  You may write a paper check, just as you would if submitting the renewal by mail.  You may also pay with a debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Q:  Since my renewals will be submitted electronically, how late can I wait to submit my renewals and payment?
A:  All renewal submissions and payment must be received by Kelly Registration Systems no later than the expiration date of your license.    If paying by check, please allow time for paper checks to clear before Kelly Registration Systems forwards the license data and funds to the state.  

Q:  Can I send Kelly Registration Systems my data, but send the check to the state?
A:  No.  The payment and renewal data must both be submitted to Kelly Registration Systems.

Q:  If I pay by check, what is the mailing address?
A:  Our mailing address is as follows:    Kelly Registration Systems
                                                                    10115 Highway 142 N
                                                                    Covington, GA  30014
This address will also be provided during the Erenewals process, once you elect to submit payment by check.

Customer Service
Q:  Is user assistance / technical support available?
A:  Should you have questions concerning Erenewals, you may contact Kelly Registration Systems directly.  You may email us at or you may call our office at 1-800-803-5777, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays.  

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