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Mobile Solutions

Our mobile solutions are designed to provide full support for field inspectors, allowing them to have access to necessary data to validate a product registration or complete a field inspection form. The remote applications are later synchronized with the master database for complete data capture. Our two main applications are Field Surv, focused on pesticide registrations inspection, and Mobile Forms, supporting the paperwork associated with any field inspection.

Field Surv:

The Field Surv application utilizes product UPCs to allow an inspector to scan a UPC with a PDA for instant information on whether or not the product is properly registered in the state. When an unregistered product is identified, any action needed can be provided “on the spot.” This application is customized to meet your needs.

States thatare currently using this application appreciate its efficiency. Your field inspectors will be able to visit more establishments and validate more products, ultimately resulting in additional product registrations.

If you have responsibility for field inspections, call or e-mail to see a demo of this application.


  • Utilizes the UPCs for validation
  • Provides “on the spot” action 
  • Increases inspections
  • Syncs with main office
  • Logs and reports on demand

Mobile Forms

If you are involved with field inspections, you will want to take a look at our total solution for capturing all the inspection data electronically, syncing it with the master records and producing the needed reports.

This application fully integrates with KSAMS and allows a state to have a complete solution for product and business registrations and field inspections.

We customize the application to support your specific inspection forms.


  • No hand written forms
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Sync data with main office
  • Reduce time and errors
  • Produce activity logs and reports

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