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Online Renewals Now Available, At No Extra Cost! NOTE: Due to O.C.G.A. 50-36-1, Verification of Lawful Presence Within United States, all license renewals are requiring new documentation to be submitted prior to being able to renew your license. For more information on this, and to find out when you will be able to renew, please contact the GDA directly at (404) 586-1411. Read The Letter From Commissioner

If you are ready to SUBMIT YOUR SECURE AND VERIFIABLE DOCUMENTS, the following are currently available: Private Applicators; Scale Mechanics; LP Gas Companies; Moisture Meter Operators; Candlers;

If you are ready to RENEW ANY TYPE OF LICENSE(S) Login Now (currently available: Commercial Applicators; Structural Pest Control Companies and Certified Operators; Food Sales Establishments; Mobile Vehicle Licenses; Dairy; Cottage Food Licenses; Renderers Licenses; Meat Licenses; Bird Dealers; Pet Dealers; Animal Shelters; Kennels; Equine Stables; Poultry Dealers and Markets; Fertilizer and Lime Licenses and Registrations; Commercial Feed Licenses; Fuel Pump Registrations; Certified Public Weighers; Organic Certifying Agents; Pesticide Contractors; RUP dealers; Grain dealers; Grain Warehouses; Cotton Warehouses; Tobacco Warehouses; Auction/Non-Auction Tobacco Dealers; Commercial Beekeepers; Live Plant Licensees; Certified Public Weighers)

If you are ready to RENEW YOUR PRODUCT REGISTRATIONS, the following are currently available: Pesticide Product Registrations; Soil Amendment Registrations; Fertilizer Registrations; Lime Registrations; Horticultural Growth Media Registrations; Antifreeze Registrations;

If you are ready to Submit your TONNAGE REPORTS, the following are currently available: Fertilizer Tonnage; Soil Tonnage; Lime Tonnage;
Plant Industry Division
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(* - these licenses allow online applications and renewals with payments by credit card)

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