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Welcome to Kelly Registration Systems On-Line Renewal Program for the Regulated Community

Renewals, initial registrations, and the ability to submit documentation and UPC codes are available for a variety of states.  Please select your desired registration or division from the list below:

Antifreeze Products Biologic Products Feed Products
Fertilizer Products Horticultural Growth Media Landplaster Products
Lime Products Livestock Medication Products Pesticide Products
Pet Food Products Petroleum Products Soil Amendment Products

Who May Participate: Any company currently registered in a state which accepts our online renewals and/or new registrations. 

Payment:  You may pay by check, ACH,  or credit card.  All credit card transactions are secure through Cybertrust® SSL encryption. Your credit card statement will reflect Kelly Registration Systems.   Once payment is received and verified, data will be sent to the state on the following business day. (excluding holidays)

Fees:  A convenience fee, which varies by state, is charged for this service.  In some cases the fee is a fixed fee but in most cases it is calculated as a percentage of the state registration fee. Users will have the opportunity to view and approve all cost prior to submitting the renewal request.

There is no fee associated with submitting labels or UPC's on-line for distribution to participating states. 

Documentation - Renewals:  Only documentation in PDF can be submitted electronically.  For states that only require revisions each year, you may submit your documentation electronically or by sending documentation directly to each state.

For states that require a copy of all documentation each year, submittal of labels and MSDS's will also be required through Erenewals, in order to complete your electronic renewal order

Documentation - New Product Registration:  All supporting documentation must be submitted electronically when processing a new product registration.  All required documentation must be in PDF format.  


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