This Massachusetts Pesticide Product Registration Information contained herein is supported by Kelly Registration Systems, Inc. and is intended for information purposes only and is not intended as a confirmation of registration status. The information derived from this system does not constitute a label replacement or a recommendation. Before applying any pesticide, applicators must determine if the product under consideration is correct for the intended use site.

About this Database... The data that supports these search features is derived from two different sources; the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Pesticide Bureau and the U.S. EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs. The information indexed from the federal registration data may differ from the Massachusetts state registration data. For example, the information may not include State restrictions, such as those for products where there is concern for potential impacts to groundwater.

The Massachusetts Pesticide Product Registration Information database contains information on pesticide products registered in Massachusetts for the current State fiscal-year expiring June 30th. To confirm the status of a specific product, please contact Susan Reed,, at the Massachusetts Pesticide Bureau before purchase, distribution, sale or use. Please include the pesticide product EPA Registration Number as well as product name with all inquiries.

Information contained in The Massachusetts Pesticide Product Registration Information is updated approximately once a month. For additional information specific to programs within the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Pesticide Bureau please visit our website.

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