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Welcome to the Kellysolutions Service Site. We connect the entire regulated community with state governments, such that they can make better business decisions and accelerate commerce.

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Serving the Regulated Community

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Serving State Departments of Agriculture


Manage product registrations, permits, certifications and licenses with our complete online regulatory management system. Notify registrants of renewals and allow them to complete the entire renewal process online, including payment. Affordable… Efficient… Effective.

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Mobile Solutions

Give your Field Inspectors the tools they need to verify registrations in the field. With our ruggedized PDAs they can scan the product bar code and verify the registration and synchronize field records with the state office. With our tablet PCs they can have immediate access to even the most detailed inspection form. Our state customers tell us it has changed the way their field inspectors work.

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Business, Dealers, Individuals

Register or Renew Products

Register or renew your products in 16 states. Enter data, select states, upload documentation and pay fees, all online.

It couldn't be more convenient.

Businesses and Individuals – Renew Your Licenses Online

We work with 33 State Departments of Agriculture to offer complete online renewal of 16 licenses. If you have received a letter notifying you that it’s time to renew – simply select your state and license to complete the renewal online.

Information Resources

State Regulatory Data

Enjoy unlimited free access to search the state regulatory data from 36 states. Multiple search criteria makes it easy to find the information you need.

Finally... State Regulatory Data is at your fingertips.

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Lists on Demand

We work with 12 states to fulfill requests for Open Records from their State Departments of Agriculture. Please click the link below to learn more about Lists on Demand.

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